Packing and Crating

Top Most Freight is a leader in providing custom industrial packaging solutions. Our strength has always been our ability to clearly define customers needs and deliver them cost efficiently.

We understand that right packaging is important because it improves handling, minimizes cost, eliminates damage, delays, claims, replacement time and costs. We are a supplier of choice and have committed to deliver the best custom packaging solutions that improve your bottom line and your delivery performances.

Our team focuses on strategically designing and manufacturing the best custom packaging solutions to meet its customers needs and objectives. Whether its reusable, sustainable packaging, or one time applications, we are able to quickly assess your situation and offer you the most cost effective option.

We offer the following services:

  • Complete teardown jobs. (Turn Key Solutions)
  • Manufacturing wooden boxes, crates, pallets of any size and shape
  • Packaging
  • Heat Shrink Wrapping
  • Container platforms.
  • Tailored made ramps and frames for vehicle loading inside containers.

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